Audio Farm is an annual grass roots music and arts festival.

A celebration of the finest in electronic and live sounds, we curate a diverse lineup that brings together emerging underground talent, alongside huge headliner legends. Expect the best of House, Techno, Disco, Drum & Bass, Dub, Electro, Jungle, Reggae, Jazz, Rock, Ska, Balkan Folk, Acoustic and Afrobeat.

Our home is nestled within the walled garden and lake of Hopton Court. A magical haven and perfect backdrop for Audio Farm Festival. Our talented build crew add layers of vibrant, psychedelic and organic design to the beautiful scenic site, and together create one of the best visual impacts you’ll find at a U.K. Festival.


Here’s a friendly reminder from Audio Farm HQ

Phase 3 tickets are on sale for only 4 more days! Here’s your chance to grab one before they increase in price.

Phase 3 and £30 Deposit Tickets are on sale until 22:00 Wed 4th May

Massive Love
Audio Farm HQ x